Large Handmade Ceramic Lidded Jar Urn


🌟 Unique Elegance: Handmade Ceramic Urn/Lidded Jar! 🏺✨

Discover the artistry in functionality with a Large Ceramic Urn, a true labor of love handcrafted by me! 🎨

👩‍🎨 Sole Artistry:
As the creator of this unique urn, I took to the potter's wheel, trimmed, and hand-painted every inch of this vessel. The result is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects the dedication and passion poured into its creation.

🌈 Versatile Use:
While this elegant piece can serve as a beautiful urn, it's also designed for practicality. The food-safe glaze makes it an ideal container for culinary delights. From kitchen to memorial, it seamlessly blends functionality with grace.

💫 Special Exterior Glaze:
Admire the exterior glaze, a masterpiece in itself. Hand-painted and adorned with a unique sparkly, gloopy glaze, this urn/lidded jar captures attention and sparkles with personality. It's not just a container; it's a visual experience.

🍽️ Food and Dishwasher Safe:
Designed for your convenience, this urn is not only a work of art but also practical for everyday use. It's food safe, allowing you to showcase your culinary creations, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

🔒 Sealable for Sentimental Value:
For those choosing to use this piece as an urn, it's ready to hold precious memories or ashes. Please note that for a permanent seal, the buyer may need to purchase wax or glue separately to properly seal it.

📏 Dimensions:
Approximately 23cm x 15cm, offering a substantial size for both practical and sentimental use. Watch the accompanying video to get a better sense of its dimensions!

Embrace the fusion of art and functionality with this Large Ceramic Urn/Lidded Jar. Whether as a timeless memorial or a dazzling kitchen companion, let this piece add a touch of unique elegance to your life!