Handmade Ceramic Tortilla Bowl with Lid


🌟 Handcrafted Elegance: Lidded Bowl for Warm Tortillas! 🍲✨

Indulge in the artistry of handmade pottery with our exclusive lidded bowl, carefully crafted on the potter's wheel and painted by me, the artisan behind this unique piece!

🍽️ Perfectly Functional Design:
This bowl is more than just a vessel; it's a functional masterpiece. Specifically designed to cradle small tortillas, it keeps them warm and ready to elevate your dining experience.

📏 Thise piece is about 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall (not including the lid handle).

🌈 Versatile Serving Dish:
Add a touch of handmade charm to your table setting. This lidded bowl is the ideal serving dish, whether you're hosting a gathering or enjoying a cozy meal. Its simplicity and elegance make it a versatile addition to any occasion.

🔥 Microwave and Dishwasher Safe:
Enjoy the convenience of modern living with a bowl that effortlessly transitions from microwave to dishwasher. Practicality meets beauty, making it a seamless part of your daily routine.

👋 Connect with Me:
Thank you for stopping by my shop! Have any questions or special requests? I'm here to help—feel free to reach out. Your satisfaction is my priority.

Elevate your dining experience with a touch of handmade elegance. Order your lidded bowl today and add a unique piece to your collection!