Drippy Handmade Ceramic Planter with Attached Saucer and Holes for Drainage


🌿 Elevate Your Greenery with Handcrafted Artistry: Made-to-Order Planter! 🌱✨

Embark on a journey of bespoke pottery with this exquisite planter, meticulously crafted by me and made to order just for you! Anticipate a 4-week process that weaves through creation, kiln firings, and secure delivery via USPS.

📏 Artistic Variations:
Dimensions are as unique as the crafting hands behind them, generally aiming for 7 inches in width and 8 inches in height.

🎨 Wheel-Thrown Excellence:
I skillfully threw and trimmed a planter with a refined foot. The magic happens with the application of a special combination of drippy glazes, adding a touch of fluid elegance to your green oasis.

💚 Self-Contained Brilliance:
Say goodbye to overwatering concerns! The integrated dish at the base ensures that excess water is captured, preventing root rot and providing a secure foundation for your beloved plants. A drainage hole at the base not only contributes to plant health but are also perfect for showcasing hanging macramé. Your plants, now thriving, will thank you!

🌺 A Personal Touch to Your Space:
Thank you for exploring my shop! Your satisfaction is my priority, and I'm here to answer any questions or accommodate special requests.

Reviews (2)


This is a good quality planter, but there are caveats and reasons for 4 stars rather than 5. 1) The planter does not look like the one in the photo. It is similar but different. 2) the glaze was also uneven due to several bubbles that formed and burst and there was one bubble in particular that was broken and left a sharp point or edge which will have to be filed down. Otherwise, the planter was well packed and arrived safely and seller/artist is responsive to queries.

I just love my planter! It was made custom for some special flowers. I could not wait to set it out on display. Thank you so much!