12oz Handmade Ceramic Refillable Soap Dispenser


🌟 Handmade Elegance: Custom Ceramic Dispensers! 🏺✨

Welcome to a world of bespoke pottery, where each dispenser is a unique creation crafted with love and skill my me!

👉 Ordering Details:
Selecting your quantity is crucial! If you choose "1," you'll receive a single dispenser. Need a set? Simply adjust the quantity accordingly. These dispensers are individually MADE TO ORDER, with processing times ranging from 3-5 weeks. Quality takes time, and your patience is truly appreciated.

✨ Customization Options:
Add a ripple of creativity to your dispenser by opting for the wavy shape! If you desire this unique form, please let me know during your purchase; otherwise, you'll receive the classic, non-wavy style.

🎨 Artisanal Process:
Every dispenser begins its journey on the potter's wheel, where I personally throw and trim each piece. The intricate glazing process is where the magic happens, with three distinct glazes applied carefully. The result is a dispenser that embodies both functionality and artistry.

🚫 Not for Foam Soap:
These dispensers are not compatible with foam soap. However, they are perfect companions for your favorite lotions. Microwave and dishwasher safe, these pieces are as practical as they are beautiful.

🍽️ Versatile Use:
Surprise! These dispensers are not just for lotions. They are also food safe, making them ideal for holding your favorite sauces or condiments.

🌈 Unique Variations:
Each piece is a handmade masterpiece, ensuring that no two dispensers are identical. While they share the same size and glaze/coloring combinations, the beauty lies in their individuality. Check out my shop page for a variety of photographs capturing the diverse variations.

📬 Direct Communication:
Have specific questions or special requests? Reach out directly through my shop page by sending a direct message. Your satisfaction is my priority.

📷 Follow Along:
Stay connected and witness the artistry unfold! Follow me on Instagram and TikTok at @randeepots for a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process.

Elevate your space with a touch of handmade elegance. Order your custom ceramic dispensers today and bring the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship into your everyday life!

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The artist is so easy going and helpful. She is is obviously passionate about her product. I would buy from her again.